Running: People Keep Quiet But Lots Of Girls Are Not Healthy

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The Times today January 15th 2018 Bobby Clay former middle distance runner talks about her long time running efforts and its consequences in terms of osteoporosis and eating disorders . She has to take hormones to gain her period after failing to complete puberty because of her obsession with running, and to function as a normal woman dClay, the 20-year-old middle-distance runner, found herself trapped in a cycle of overtraining and undereating that would eventually contribute to osteoporosisespite the weakened bones which might prevent her from being able to run around jump and play with her future children. She says to us, that there are many young women out there earning their medals and getting praise and encouragement from misguided coaches, but being much sicker than anyone can know. If you have a friend or a daughter who runs, find out if they are eating a proper diet, and find out whether they are menstruating, because many women in elite sports are not. Being thin is associated with success in long distance running but a large proportion of female distance runners are running away from demons, rather than running toward medals. And it is a big open secret that no one wants to talk about.

Source: Alan Smith: The Times

Compulsive Eating Research – Call For Recruits

Kings College London Section for Eating Disorders is conducting compulsive eating research into methods to stop binge eating.

I am looking for individuals with bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder between the ages of 18 and 60 to take part in an interventional study targeting eating behaviour. If you think you may be eligible to take part, please contact Rayane Chami from the  on: If you are eligible, you will be reimbursed up to £15 for travel expenses, £30 for your time, and a copy of the self-help book: ‘Getting better bite by bite’. Thank you!

Here are the inclusion criteria,

1) A diagnosis of bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder, or someone who finds that they may meet criteria but has never been formally assessed,

2) No severe psychiatric disorder (eg. psychosis),

3) Fluency in English,

4) No visual impairment that cannot be repaired with eyewear or contact lenses,

5) No cognitive/neurological impairment,

6) No drug or alcohol abuse,

7) No metabolic disorder,

9) A BMI greater than or equal to 18.5.

If you can help you will be doing a great service for fellow sufferers as well as for yourself.

An Open Letter To Rebecca Adlington About Appearance Bullies


Dear Rebecca,

I note that you have been very insecure about showing your body in the presence of some beauty queen called Wilmington. I also note that you have been abused by people who have made comments about your body.

I’ve been working with eating disorders and body image issues for many years; over  these years I have seen a horrific rise in bullying  generally. Bullies tend to do their thing in secret but social media like Facebook or Twitter have made it easy for people to be poisonous and obscene without having to bear the consequences. It would seem like there is a sea of sad, pathetic people out there who are nobodies in their own lives and who get pleasure in ruining the lives of people who are better than them. They tried to pull down the young diver Tom Daley and they are trying to pull you down as well. They don’t do it because there is anything wrong with your body, they do it because they haven’t got what you have and they hate you for it.

In the range of people I respect and admire, beauty queens come way down the pecking order, in fact I don’t rate them at all. Not Beckham nor Moss nor whoever Delevinge.  Even so, even after all these years  of wisdom, I don’t think I could cope with reading evil things about myself.

You are a champion and a star.  Please don’t cry about your body.  It did what you wanted it to do, which was to swim like a dolphin and make your country proud of you. Can some wise person  please help you to  stop using Twitter and needing to reply to the idiots who are writing about you?  Why are you giving them this power?

Daniel Radcliffe isn’t on Facebook or on Twitter. You needn’t be either. You will miss out on absolutely NOTHING worth knowing and you will start to take back your power bit by bit.  There is life without Twitter; some of us have realised that it is just a massive waste of time.

No one smiles when they look at a skinny body (do they really?)  We can never have a perfect body  and we can never have a body like someone else’s. But some of us die trying. Rebecca, dry your tears and if you have body image issues because of your spell in the limelight get some help and learn how to celebrate the skin you are in. Because I love the way you look, I rate what you have done, and so do many, many people who don’t waste their time being an Appearance Bully.