Longstanding & serious weight problems: Is this you?

Emotions & behaviour

  • You have tried very hard to lose weight – you name it, it’s been done, but you are bigger than ever.
  • Eating rules your life; you are a comfort eater and it doesn’t stop.
  • You have serious health problems because of your weight.
  • You fear that you will not see your children and your grandchildren grow up.
  • Nothing in life seems enjoyable; you are always conscious of your size.
  • You are always trying to be acceptable to other people.
  • You are tired of feeling different and alone.
  • Physical consequences

    Severe obesity can have serious emotional and physical effects. The main outcomes are

    • Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes; Sleeping problems; Depression and anxiety; Arthritis; Awful discomfort.
  • Getting help

    Weight loss surgery can transform your life. Good preparation and post operative support can make the difference between failure and success. We can help you to

    • Decide whether this is right for you and if necessary, get a sympathetic hearing from your doctor.
    • Choose the right surgical option – alongside other health professionals involved in your care.
    • Prepare emotionally for the consequences of surgery.
    • Manage feelings without needing to eat.
    • Deal with depression and boost self worth.
    • Manage body image changes

The next step

NCFED counsellors are dedicated to helping people transform their eating and weight issues; you can trust them to support you with compassion and wisdom. We will support and guide you in your decision to change. The first step is to have a no-obligation assessment (only £65) in person, by phone or by Skype with someone who cares. The first step starts here.

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