Beat Binge & Compulsive Eating

We understand binge and compulsive overeating, why it is so hard to change, and how it affects your life.

Is this you?

Emotions and behaviour

  • You feel out of control around food; you nibble, eat without being hungry or binge.
  • You are always on or off diets, but nothing works for long.
  • Eating rules your life;  whatever you eat, it’s never enough.
  • You think and worry about food too much.
  • You eat sensibly in public but on your own it goes out of control. You eat in secret.
  • You promise to stop compulsive eating, but it somehow doesn’t happen.
  • If people knew how you eat, they wouldn’t want to know you.
  • Food feels like a friend and an enemy, your cravings feel like an addiction where certain foods are concerned.
  • You have mood swings; you feel depressed, alone and in despair.
  • You wish you could just take food or leave it but it’s never enough.
  • Physical consequences
    • Compulsive eating and binge eating can have serious health effects.
    • The main outcomes include: Tiredness & lack of energy, diabetes or insulin resistance, poor thyroid function and more.
  • Binge eating help

    Binge eating and compulsive eating can last for many years.   Even if you lose weight on a diet, that will not cure the problem.  You can recover,  no matter how long you have suffered.  Would you like to know more details about how we can treat your eating problem?

    Please CLICK HERE for information on binge eating help.

  • Recovery aims

    We aim to transform your relationship with food and re-awaken your willpower from within. Its not just about food, you may need emotional strengthening, raising self worth and finding better ways of feeling in control. You start with a full assessment to help build a  treatment plan that is right for you. Treatment  of compulsive eating and binge eating takes time and will focus on:

    • Gaining insight about compulsive overeating and food cravings; discovering what in your past has led to you developing it in the first place.
    • Boosting your motivation to change. We know that food feels like your only friend and you will worry about missing your favourite foods. This doesn’t happen.
    • Nutritional guidance, to end compulsive eating and manage overeating without the need to go on yet another diet. If you have weight to lose, we will help with that as well
    • Managing stress and unhappiness without turning to food, or to binge foods.
    • Managing constant thoughts and worries about food and weight.
    • Managing lapses so that you keep feeling in control.
    • Self worth and body image healing.
  • Watch Video on How to Beat a Binge

    This video was created by one of our counsellors Bernie
    Beat a Binge

The next step

NCFED counsellors are certified eating disorder experts; you can trust them to support your recovery from compulsive eating with compassion and wisdom in the journey of change. Would you like to know HOW you developed your eating problem and WHAT can be done? Have a no obligation assessment (only £65) in person, by phone or by Skype with someone who cares. The first step starts here.

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