become an international affiliate. Or find treatment overseas.

You can be on our international pages as an NCFED trained psychotherapist if you have passed the ED Diploma.

Or, you can have an eating disorders training business using NCFED training material with our help and guidance. See details below.


As an NCFED International Training Affiliate you receive:

  • An Exclusive Licence in your Territory for 5 years. You will have exclusive permission to run all NCFED trainings in eating disorders and obesity.
  • Exclusive use of the NCFED logo on your marketing materials.
  • NCFED training slides and manuals.
  • Business and training guidance from NCFED.
  • NCFED certification for your delegate who will qualify (subject to standard) as NCFED approved practitioners.
  • Prominent publicity on the highly ranked NCFED website.
  • Build a practitioner counselling network based on the NCFED business model.

how to get your NCFED training affiliate licence

You will need to

  • Show your suitability as a partner in terms of your understanding of eating disorders.
  • Attend the NCFED Master Practitioner training
  • Pay an annual Licence fee depending on the size of your Territory.
  • NCFED receives a small percentage of the training fees for each delegate you train.

If you are interested in becoming an NCFED International Affiliate please contact NCFED now!