Professional Training Courses

Professional Training Courses in Eating Disorders, Obesity & Nutrition from NCFED

Become Excellent

Broaden your skills and gain nationally recognised qualifications   

Enhance your CV by becoming a Practitioner & Master Practitioner in eating disorders and obesity

Transform your own relationship with food

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Integrate evidence based treatment skills, new wave therapies and experiential learning for personal change. We have short courses, workshops and master classes. There is also our world famous 13 day course, The Master Practitioner Programme in Eating Disorders & Obesity. This unique, inspirational programme is for anyone who encounters eating disorders in their work. Our Main courses:

The Master Practitioner Programme – Eating Disorders & Obesity – 15 days
A world famous course in 3 stand-alone modules :
Excellence in Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders – 9 days split into 3 parts
Essential Obesity: Psychological Approaches – 4 days
Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders – 2 days with pre-reading &  preparation

Professional Recognition

These courses are Approved by the BPS Learning Centre as suitable CPD for Graduate and Chartered Psychologists. The BACP recognises them as suitable CPD for counsellors and counsellors in training. CPD points are awarded for the Eating Disorder & Obesity courses, subject to peer approval by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


If you choose to complete a case study after each course you gain
Diploma: Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders: Holders may join our Practitioner Network.
Certificate: Psychological Interventions for Obesity 
Certificate: Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders
Awards in all 3 courses confers Master Practitioner In Eating Disorders & Obesity.


Socratic Questions for Eating Disorders & Obesity; 2 Days to be advised 

With Professor Paul Grantham of Skills Development. How to change eating disorder thinking.

Working with Eating Disorders & Arfid 1 Day April 2024

With Jenny Phaure of the Institute of Autism & Mental Health

Eating Disorders in the Menopause – coming soon

With Bernie Wright and Lisa Smith, NEDDE

Gender issues in Eating Disorder Treatment – February 2024

With Anastassis Spiliadis

Bariatric Surgery – November 2023

With Bernie Wright and Lisa Smith of NEDDE