Is this you?

Emotions and Behaviour

  • You are at y our wits end – but your loved one gets angry if you try to talk. You don’t know how to approach them.
  • You know there is an eating disorder, but they deny that anything is wrong.
  • They agree that there is a problem but won’t get help. You are panicking.
  • Someone you care for is having treatment but nothing seems to change. You feel shut out and confused.
  • You have arguments with others about how to handle the problem and this adds to your stress.
  • Everything is disrupted, your work and ability to get on with things; you are depressed, anxious and feel rejected. You may be blaming yourself for what is happening.
  • Your mental and physical health is badly affected.
  • You are grieving for what your loved one is losing out on and everything in your life has become a servant to your loved one’s terrible relationship with food.
  • Getting Help

    We can help you to help your loved one. Carers and friends can be valuable allies for someone with an eating disorder, making it more likely that someone will accept help and commit to treatment. Recovery is possible with the right support. We will give you the support and advice you need.

    We have a lot of useful information for you. Visit our information for carers pages.

  • Aims For Carers

    Carers need information and guidance through the medical maze of treatment. Carers need expert support to cope with the everyday demands of life when there is an eating disorder in the family. We will listen and advise; one step at a time.

    A carers counselling programme will focus on what your situation specifically needs:

    • We will give you the right, most useful information about the disorder.
    • Help you get help from the system as it is.
    • Provide emotional support.
    • Skills to communicate through the iron wall put up by the disorder, and skills to confront awful eating disorder behaviours.
    • Teach you how not to make things worse.

The Next Step

NCFED counsellors are certified eating disorder experts; you can trust them to support you with compassion and wisdom in your situation. We understand how horrible it is to have to deal with an eating disorder in someone you care for.

Would you like to know more about WHAT can be done for you personally? The first step is to have a no-obligation assessment (only £65) in person, by phone or by Skype, with someone who is trained to help carers. The first step starts here.

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