Gender, Eating Disorders and Body Image 2 days

Embodied Experiences

Co-occurring eating disorders & gender distress in adolescence.

The rising number of adolescents and adults grappling with co-occurring eating disorders, particularly anorexia nervosa, and gender-related distress has been observed by clinicians in both the NHS and private practice. Within the clinical, academic, and activist communities, there are currently varying perspectives on the most appropriate treatment approaches and how to effectively address these interconnected challenges.

In response to this pressing need, we are pleased to present a fantastic 2-day training programme . We blend theory, practical tools, experiential exercises and real-life case studies to foster an interactive learning environment that encourages curiosity, open discussion, and critical thinking.

Course Details

Date:  TBC – 2025
Fee: £295
Trainer: Anastassis Spiliadis

You will Learn

-A thorough introduction to the clinical, social and political complexity of this work.

-Theoretical approaches to understanding gender-related distress over time.

-Approaches on language and meaning in relation to sex and gender.

-An overview of the developing evidence-base and practice-based evidence and the complexity associated to this clinical area.

-Introduction to the Gender Exploratory Model (Spiliadis, 2019) and how it relates to key treatment pathways for eating disorders.

-Utilising the Hierarchy of Risk and Interventions model (HoRaI) to consider ethical, cautious and developmentally-appropriate therapeutic interventions.

-Develop skills that will help you decide how to combine individual and family sessions for the service users.

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