Introduction to Eating Disorders & Obesity

2-Day masterclass

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The programme

This academic and experiential course is a marvellous introduction for all health professionals who wish to deepen their understanding of eating disorders /obesity and work ethically and competently with eating disorders & obesity. The course is based on what I have learned from Deanne Jade, Founder of the National Centre for Eating Disorders. You will broaden your skills base and learn how to work safely with these clients.

Trainer:     Bernadette Wright with input from Lisa Smith, Lecturer; College of Naturopathic Medicine who will present a short module on how to support these clients nutritionally.Bernie Wright

Venue:       Christ Church, High Street, Tunbridge Wells

Next Date:   20 & 21 September 2019

Price:         £165.00

Book by Phone: +44 (0)84 5838 2040  or 01892 546773

What you will learn

You will learn how to recognise an eating disorder,  learn how to support recovery and add to your toolbox as a counsellor, coach or teacher. You will also begin the process of transforming your own relationship with food.

What will happen on this masterclass

Part of this course is taught from the front and you might wish to bring along some material from your own clients. In this way I can bring to life the teaching points that are delivered in this course so that is as practical for you as possible.As part of the training there will be some live demonstration showing the assessment process and how this transforms the assessment process for this client group.

Who may attend

All professionals with an interest in eating, weight control and general health.

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