Eating Disorder Counselling

Eating disorders are hurtful, distressing behaviours that are about deeper issues with control and feelings. Recovery for everyone is possible with the right expert help.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Effective eating disorder treatment is psychological, nutritional, holistic and personal  because you are more than your eating problem. It must improve satisfaction with life, not just get rid of symptoms. Our therapists are trained to deliver both new and established therapies to help you recover. We can help you and your loved ones wherever you live, with eating disorder counselling in person, by telephone, by Zoom or Skype. The first step is a 1 hour, no obligation Assessment with  a compassionate eating disorder expert Or, perhaps consider a 3 hour Breakthrough Transformation with the Founder, Deanne Jade, or one of our other specialists. This short intensive session could change your life. Or, you may try our Recovery Workshops. You will find a counselling solution that is right for you.

Recovery Outcomes

  • Counselling will help you to eat only when hungry & stop when you are full
  • You will be free from obsessions with food
  • You will not need to hide your behaviour from others
  • Feeling energised and sleeping well
  • Being happy; looking forward to tomorrow
  • Coping with relationships without turning to food
  • Mastering cravings
  • Managing your feelings
  • Feeling better about your body
  • Being able to care for yourself… because you’re worth it

The First Step to Recovery – Have a Personal Confidential Assessment

Just 1 hour with a compassionate specialist could make a difference and will give you hope of a happier way of life

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