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Principal: Bridin McKenna  Belfast, Tel: 07706 705814     Email:  Website

About Life Clinic & Training

Life ClinicLife Therapies Clinic is a Professional, Caring and multi-therapeutic service. Our approach is holistic & incorporates psychological interventions with nutritional support & mind/body therapies to bring about a process of positive change in all areas of life.

Our experts each specialise in a specific area of treatment so we can address detailed individual problems with the utmost expertise. Every day, more and more people need help with feelings & problems that seem beyond their control – whether those problems are with an eating disorder, food or weight issues, family or work issues, relationships, loss, depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma (PTSD), or addiction.

Life TrainingOur professional training programmes & workshops are specifically designed to provide you with an optimum learning environment. Our programmes are experiential & the combined skills of our trainers means that you  work with like-minded individuals who are keen to explore models of excellence & draw from the latest thinking in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, coaching & health psychology.  While online learning has its place, we still believe that the classroom environment is at the heart & core of excellence in practical learning. Details of all our ongoing training programmes can be found on our website.


Professional Training: Eating Disorders & Obesity Master Practitioner Programme

We are proud to offer the exceptional, world-renowned 3 module Master Practitioner Programme for Eating Disorders & Obesity; Approved by the British Psychological Society. Each course may be taken on its own.  

Eating Disorders Diploma 9 days split into 3 x 3 days
ZOOM  2021  : March 4-6, 18-20 March & 8-10 April 

Essential Obesity Certificate 3 days

ZOOM BELFAST 2021: August 5-7

Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders 2 days

ZOOM 2021: November 25-26  call 0845 838 2040 for details

See Prospectus HERE 

Your trainers

Jane NodderBridin McKenna,  Principal, Life Therapies Clinic and Training &


Jane Nodder, Consultant, National Centre for Eating Disorders.      

If you would like to see Bridin’s profile, please CLICK  BRIDIN MCKENNA TRAINER PROFILE

Counselling in Ireland

We also have counsellors in Ireland who can help people with eating disorders and those who care for them. Find them here in our counsellor lists.