Far East & Indonesia

We have qualified eating disorder specialists in Bali, in Thailand and in Indonesia who will help you with workshops, personal and intensive therapy. Consider a recovery programme to set you free from eating disorders and other mental health issues, such as anxiety and stress.

  • Bali: Dr Jeremy Alford Choices Retreats

    Email: jalford@choiceslebanon.com

    Jeremy AlfordJeremy is a highly experienced mental health professional specialising in clinical CBT, clinical hypnotherapy & neuro-feedback. As Founder of the Middle East Eating Disorders Association (MEEDA) he has many years of experience with eating disorders.

    Jeremy is committed to providing client-centered care. Jeremy has a multicultural background & proven adaptability to international settings, working both in the Middle East & in the UK & more recently Cyprus.  Currently based in Bali Indonesia, he offers online Skype therapy as well as personalised intensive therapy programs. For more information visit his website

  • Korea: Julia Young Yoon
    Julia is a counsellor & musician who brings contrasting & valuable experiences from her life. Her approach to counselling is an integrated setting based on her training. She has worked in many areas including anxiety, depression, loss, relationship difficulties, couple conflict & parent education. Currently, she is working as a therapist at a local counselling centre, while also working as a music instructor & school counsellor at an international school in Korea. She has a strong vision for pioneering an eating disorder association in Korea to bring an awareness of this field to the country.
    Contact Julia Young Yoon at juliacho527@gmail.com
  • Thailand Chang Mai: Hayley Elmes

    The Cabin, Chiang Mai, Thailand  Email  hayley@thecabinchiangmai.com

     Hayley has been working in the helping field since 2003 for  people with various issues including homelessness, mental health, addiction, trauma, mental health & eating disorders in the UK . Her bachelor’s degree is in Psychology & Hayley has her MSc. in Psychotherapy.

    She has experience in a treatment centre in Northern Thailand where she has developed a successful eating disorder treatment programme.