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Recovery Direct Treatment Centres in Cape Town, South Africa provide specialised cost effective treatment for both eating disorders and addictions. 

Montrose Manor

Montrose Manor - eating disorders south africaMontrose Manor offers a structured, holistic, caring, healing residential treatment programme and has gained a reputation for treatment excellence. Former client endorsements, satisfied treatment specialists and treatment outcomes are Montrose Manor’s best advertisement. 

  • Montrose focuses exclusively on eating disorders including patients with other problems in addition such as depression or addictions.
  • Why Montrose is special
    • Montrose boasts a homely, comfortable feel where the “recovery” mood is pervasive.
    • In Cape Town, South Africa, treatment at Montrose Manor permits Clients to escape the stresses and strains of their normal day to day surroundings, accountable only to themselves, thereby enabling uninterrupted focus on treatment and recovery.
    • Diligent focus on an appropriate After Care Programme, so that Clients completing treatment are assured of “Continuum of Care”.
    • Montrose Manor is a highly affordable treatment solution.

    We understand that eating disorders are debilitating for Clients and their families and at their most severe can impact on every aspect of an individual’s life from relationships with friends and family to the physical and emotional burden these conditions have on the Clients themselves. At Montrose Manor, we will work comprehensively with you to ensure the best programme of care is delivered and the optimum outcome is achieved. 

  • The Montrose Manor Team

    Our multi-disciplinary teams includes: Consultant Psychiatrist and Consultant Psychologist, a Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurses, Art Therapists, Consultant Drama therapist, a Consultant dietician, a Consultant Biokineticist, an Occupational Therapist, Counsellors, Consultants specialising in arts and crafts, movement therapy, and a catering team;  all working together with Clients toward stabilisation and sustained recovery. Residential Treatment at Montrose includes 24-hour Nursing Care delivered by a team of qualified, dedicated, caring professionals. 
    Our approach optimises the prospect of Client recovery, even in cases where previous treatment has been unsuccessful. We are also able to manage Clients admitted at a low body weight. The ethos of the work at Montrose Manor is to form trusting relationships with Clients and their families and to encourage Clients to focus on understanding and dealing with their feelings as well as achieving physical and emotional recovery, weight normalisation and working towards a healthier relationship with food and self. Testament to the effectiveness of the Montrose Manor eating disorder treatment programme is the constant stream of European Clients willing to travel to another Hemisphere for treatment.

  • Contact Montrose Manor

    Contact: Tel: 0027 21 7979270