The Middle East

We have qualified therapists in the Middle East

All these therapists have done the NCFED eating disorder training and have passed the Practitioner Diploma for Eating Disorders examinations. They are qualified to bring you the best possible help and support

  • MEEDA based in Lebanon


    MEEDA, based in Lebanon is a non profit organisation aimed at raising awareness prevention and providing support to those suffering from eating disorders in the region. NCFED trained the founders of MEEDA & we have had a mutual relationship since it began. Founder:  Jeremy Alford  (PHD) Clinical Psychologist, hypnotherapist and Neurofeedback Therapist  who has relocated to Bali (see our Indonesia page).

  • Dr. Najwan Al-Roubaiy, Abu Dhabi

    Telephone  00 971 2697 9999  Email
    Dr. Najwan Al-Roubaiy is a UK HCPC and UAE HAAD registered clinical psychologist currently working in the UAE at the American Center for Psychiatry & Neurology (ACPN) Abu Dhabi branch. He is also a Chartered member (C Psychol) & Associate Fellow (AFBPsS) of the British Psychological Society (BPS) with more than eleven years of clinical experience in the UK and Sweden. He has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of East London, an MSc in Counselling Psychology from the London Metropolitan University, the Specialist Qualification in Clinical Psychology from the Swedish Psychological Association, a PhD in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Leicester, & several CPD qualifications such as the NCFED Diploma in practitioner skills for Eating Disorders. Dr. Najwan Al-Roubaiy works with adults & adolescents suffering from a wide range of mental health disorders including eating disorders.

  • Dr Carole Chidiac, Dubai

    Telephone 00971 434 94880 / 00971 504 545522 Email

    Carole has been taking care of multi-national families in cosmopolitan Dubai since 1998. She is a medical doctor trained to work with eating disorders & she believes in evidence based medicine & psychotherapy, influenced of course by patient-informed decisions & needs. She has wide experience of all common medical disorders & mental health issues, in particular body image & weight concerns, which has led to her gain specialist qualifications in working with eating disorders. She works as part of a specialist eating disorder team alongside a psychologist & a nutritionist. Carole works with children, adolescents and adults. At the present time Carole is mainly seeing patients via Zoom.

  • Carine El Khazen, Dubai

    Telephone 00971 431 41000 Email

    Carine el Khazen is a clinical psychologist with a Masters’ Degree in Clinical & Psychopathological Psychology (University of Saint Joseph, Lebanon, 2000), post-graduate degree (DESS) in Clinical & Psychopathological Psychology (University of Sorbonne, Paris V, France, 2002) & diploma in Profound Studies (DEA) in Clinical Psychopathology (University of Jussieu, Paris VI, France, 2004).
    Carine  joined the American Center for Psychiatry & Neurology in Dubai in 2011 & as an eating disorders & obesity specialist (Practitioner’s skills diploma in Eating Disorders from the National Center for Eating Disorders –NCFED – Enhanced Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for the treatment of Eating Disorders -CBT-E & Personalized Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy for Obesity –CBT-OB, training in MANTRA & FBT .
    She is Director of a specialized multi-disciplinary out-patient Eating Disorders & Obesity program supervised b Dr Riccardo Dalle Grave, Italy). Her team of clinicians help children, adolescents & adults recover from their eating disorders & overcome their obesity. Carine is the VP & head representative for the UAE of MEEDA (the Middle East Eating Disorders Association) which is the Middle East chapter of the Academy of Eating Disorders (AED) & also P.C.A.C.  (Partner, Chapters & Affiliate Committee at this Academy). She oversees the association’s daily operations dedicated to raising awareness, supporting sufferers & training the general public & professionals about eating disorders & obesity.
    Carine gives professional trainings on the latest evidence-based treatments  in the UAE & Lebanon to health professionals in the region.

  • Carla Shehfe, Beirut, Lebanon

    Telephone +961 1 682 666Email  TBA Office Bellevue Medical Centre Mansourieh POBox 25

    Carla is a CBT/Schema Therapist with many years’ professional experience. Qualifying in psychology at McGill University, Montreal, she has an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, a Masters in REBT from Goldsmiths University, London,; an Advanced Diploma in Schema Therapy from the USA & the NCFED Practitioner Diploma in Eating Disorders. She worked in the UK in private practice, Harley Street,  as well as at the Priory, Roehampton, before moving to Beirut in 2011 where she became Head of Psychotherapy at Belleview Medical Center & where she also has her private clinic.

    Carla sees adolescents, adults & couples for a wide variety of issues, including eating disorders.


  • Sandra Wilby, Ras Al Khaima UAE

    Telephone 056 7899538Email
    Sandra brings 25+ years of professional experience, including an extensive background in social work, psychology & trauma. Her educational achievements include an Masters in Psychology & Social Administration, a post graduate Diploma in Applied Social Studies & Certificate of Qualification in Social Work. She has gained further qualifications in Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Regression Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), CBT, Observed & Experiential Integration (OEI) Therapy (a neurological approach to trauma) & The Eating Disorder Practitioner Diploma from NCFED, UK. Sandra is now working in private practice under the licence of Personal Development Solutions.

  • Maria Abi Hanna, Dubai

    Telephone 00971 4 342 5208:  Email

    MariaAbiHannaMaria is a licensed clinical dietitian with a B. Science in Nutrition & Dietetics from the AUB. She works in a Nutrition Centre in the UAE counselling a wide range of clients,helping them to make positive changes to their lifestyle & diet. Her main interests are eating disorders, weight management & sports nutrition. She adheres to a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure maximum benefit to her patients, working with a team that includes doctors, psychologists & nutritionists.

    Maria shares her passion & expertise in this work by being actively involved in the community,; she conducts workshops in schools & in businesses, emphasising the importance of healthful eating & active lifestyles. Maria holds the Eating Disorder Diploma from NCFED, UK.  

  • Jelena Mustapic, Jabriya, Kuwait 

    jelena mustapic
    Telephone +965 2535 6444  Email

    Jelena is an experienced Gestalt Therapist and Psychologist working in private practice. She is passionate about helping women & men to overcome their difficulties with eating, weight & body image issues & to lead happier more fulfilling lives. She has experience with different cultures & has worked with depression, anxiety, eating disorders & compulsive eating, as well as trauma, loss  & bereavement. She holds a Ph.D. in Biomedicine & Health Sciences and the Master Practitioner award in Eating Disorders & Obesity from NCFED, UK. Office: Kuwait Counselling Centre, Clover Centre 14th Floor Block 1A Street 1 Jabriya 13007 Kuwait City

  • Joy Khoury Lebanon

    Telephone 00961 3 136 056Email

    Joy is a licensed dietitian working in a private practice in Beirut, Lebanon. Her main goal is to help her clients achieve a healthy relationship with food & with their body image, providing a more holistic approach in treating her patients to reach their optimal well-being.  Joy has expanded her area of study into the domain of eating disorders, their intricacies & implications. She currently holds the Practitioner Diploma in Eating Disorders from the National Center For Eating Disorder (NCFED), UK.  She graduated from the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), Lebanon with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. She then earned her master’s degree from Aix-Marseille University in Nutrition and Vascular Physiopathology, in France. She has worked in several hospitals across Lebanon & is now specialising in disordered eating.

  • Nawal Al Zoul Lebanon

    Telephone 00961 301 7667  Email:

    I am a licensed Dietitian working as head of the Nutrition Department at Dallaa General Hospital since September 2008, & also at Well Care Clinics- Saida, Lebanon in cooperation with a team of professionals (GP, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists…). I use a multidisciplinary, comprehensive & motivational approach to help clients optimize their health. I focus on encouraging clients to earn skills & attitudes in order to maintain weight change & improve well-being. My passion has led me to expand my area of study into the domain of Eating Disorders and I have a Practitioner Diploma in Eating Disorders from the National Centre for Eating Disorder (NCFED), UK.

  • Nadine Andari Dubai

    Mobile number: +971505446535


    Nadine is the Head Clinical Dietitian at Novomed Clinics in Dubai, she works as part of a multidisciplinary Eating Disorder team. She is passionate about her comprehensive approach that encompasses physical, mental & spiritual well-being. Nadine started her nutrition career twenty years ago in Dubai after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from the American University of Beirut.  She currently holds the Master Practitioner Diploma in Eating Disorders from the National Center For Eating Disorders, UK.  She is an opinion leader & nutritional consultant on Television, print & social media, & has been involved in many wellness programs across various sectors.

    Nadine has been providing a wide variety of nutrition counselling services in preventative health, bariatric surgery, chronic disease, emotional eating and weight management education.  She has developed skills & a special interest in working collaboratively with psychologists & physicians regarding disordered eating, anorexia nervosa, bulimia & binge eating disorder recovery. Nadine has a trusted ability to encourage her clients to eat more intuitively & improve their relationship with food & their body overall.