I would Rather Be Deaf Than Fat

I would rather be deaf and dead than be fat gain 2 lbs.

‘I was living a life, but not living the life that I wanted. Every day my thoughts were consumed with food, over-exercising, calorie counting, label checking and fear. I could not concentrate or focus on a task without looking at the clock to indicate when the next snack or meal was due. The enthusiasm and motivation I had for life was sucked out of me, taking most of my ambition and interests with it’. (Jessica Mell)

That is what people with eating disorders say to me. I was thinking about that when I listened to this amazing music played by a very young boy.

Overweight people do experience the most awful stigma; every day every moment is a moment laden with possibilities for being shamed. But thinking you are fat is not the same as being overweight, and we all need to know the difference and stop listening to the fat demon in our head.  Listen to the music. Take a moment out of thinking and anguishing about food, calories, the next meal, the next binge, the next diet, the person on the train who is thinner than you, we might be able to live and banish eating disorders back to the hellhole where they belong.

How To Respect & Love Your Body

People send me the loveliest things. Here is one Kat sent me today if you follow this link to You Tube. Please keep sending me your lovely things. We want inspiration, more than accounts of suffering which can inspire people to do the same… or am I wrong?

Kats film about self esteem



From Big Bottoms To Thin Waists

Tanith Carey, author of Where Has My Little Girl Gone (and other books) see our Books pages, writes with a little help from me (Deanne) about the new rib-breaking trend to make your waist pint sized. Read her article here which was published in the Daily Mail today.

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Burning To Be Thin : DNP

Dear Eloise Parry,

I am sorry that you aren’t alive any more. I have seen your picture smiling from the newspapers and you look as if you don’t have a care in the world. But something must have been really on your mind to take so much time and trouble to buy some rogue tablets that you hoped would make you thin.  I imagine that you had terrible body image problems. You must have been really at war with yourself to take 8 tablets. You must have had an eating disorder.

I wish you could tell me what was going through your mind when you bought these things. I wonder who told you about them. What was the agony you were feeling when you went searching for this poison?  Did you think you had stumbled on a good idea?

I wonder what was going through your mind as you swallowed them one by one. Did you know that you were about to lose your life, your dreams. All for being a little bit thinner.

Did you think that you would be able to take these monstrous things for the rest of your life? Did you think that getting thin would keep you thin? Everyone who goes on a diet; everyone who swallows pills –  thinks that being thin will keep you thin forever. It doesn’t happen.

Did you want to be another eating disorder victim?  It won’t bring you any medals. Life will still go on but not for you. If only I could rewind time and say to you, please don’t buy into the madness of trying to feel better by destroying your body. Rest in peace.

All Females Must See This Short Film

Vogue Bans Catwalk Models

Today there is a big fuss about anorexia in the press. Does this make it even more important to ban underweight models from our catwalks. Or is anorexia nothing to do with the size of models. You might like to see what I have written on my Eating Angel Blog