If I Took More Than 10 Steps I Would Be Sweating

Sometimes it is not about anorexia.

 At his heaviest Paul weighed 51 stonePaul suffered for years with compulsive eating and self neglect so that he made poor eating choices consistently. He has lost over 400 lbs with an operation called the Gastric Sleeve where the stomach is adapted so that only very small amounts of food can be eaten. This operation is an immediate cure for Diabetes Type 2 BUT it is not suitable for everyone.

Gastric surgery is not the quick-fix solution for everyone who struggles with compulsive eating. It will change your ability to eat for the rest of your life and means you must make many adjustments to your relationship with food. So everyone wanting Gastric surgery for weight loss needs to undergo a psychological assessment. We can do this just call 0845 838 2040.

I hope that Paul finds the money he needs to get cosmetic surgery to deal with his excess skin. Perhaps he can get it from Crowdfunding.

Here is the link if you would like to see Paul’s story
with acknowledgement to BBC 5 Live