How To Find A Good Eating Disorder Therapist

I have just read three accounts of eating disorder suffering and recovery. Two people suffered for years and sort of recovered. One person is still struggling with a horrible eating disorder. All of these people have encountered poor therapy from people with good general  skills and incomplete and faulty methods for working with eating disorders. I have felt very sad about their pain and cross about their experiences.

What makes a good eating disorder therapist? NO! its not having had a problem yourself and thinking you are an expert. NO! it’s not having one way of working which is a one size fits all approach. NO! it’s not having someone who insists that they have had years of experience working with eating disordered sufferers. NO it’s not someone who smiles nicely to you and gives you a nice cup of tea.NO! it’s not someone who tells you its not about food so we dont have to talk about it,

Reading how these people have been “treated” has sent shivers down my spine. If you have an eating disorder you need to know how to sort out the rubbish from the  guardian angels. There are thousands of therapists out there who claim to belong to eating disorder associations and dont know what they are doing,

I will shortly publish my ten top tips for knowing how to pick the therapist who knows what they are doing. You will have questions to ask them and if they dont give you the right answer RUN AWAY AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE.

If you want a personal copy of my TEN TOP TIPS I will send one to you by email. Just contact us on I don’t  care which therapist you find, one of ours or someone else. Just find one who really knows what they are doing.