We Need You For Research Please: Eating Problems & / Or Self Harm

Are you 18 years old or over, with an eating disorder and with or without self harm?  We need your help.

I am looking at the reasons why some people have difficulties with impulsive behaviours, such as self-harm and what their feelings are around food. This study  aims to look at how people pick up on what others are thinking and feeling, as well as how people think about their own thoughts and feelings. Greater knowledge in  this area will help in designing better psychological therapies for people who have impulsive behaviours or strong feelings they find it difficult to deal with.

Eating disorders and impulsive behaviours represent two very common, but under-researched areas. I want to focus especially on people who present with difficulties
around food, as well as difficulties around self-harm so I can see how things like
understanding other’s feelings impact on their capacity to engage in

I am attaching the link for the survey. The participants information is all in the link and
comes up by clicking on the relevant words.


We would love to hear from you. You will be helping us to help other people. Thank you.