The women gripped by anorexia: Louis Theroux meets a sufferer who does 2,000 star jumps DAILY to burn calories and a 63-year-old who makes one boiled sweet last a WEEK

Louis Theroux meets with anorexia sufferers to understand how they are gripped by the deadly disorder. Pictured with Rosie, left, and Ifzana, right

If you did not already know how serious and compulsive Anorexia is, this new film by Louis Theroux may convince you. Louis is an investigative reporter who has the confidence of many people with issues; murderers, paedophiles and now people with eating disorders. 

For those of us who help people with Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating, it can be a hard slog. Sufferers think we are only interested in weight gain. We aren’t, we want to try and help our clients be set free from what at times feels like the possession of a demon. We just want people to be happier and to flourish. They have been born, we hope that we can help make their lives worthwhile.

If you have Anorexia, it can feel as if the safest option is just to be left alone with your tormenting friend,  but it isn’t a happy place. People with anorexia are 57 times more likely than someone well- fed, to commit suicide.

One of my counsellors yesterday groaned I HATE Anorexia, yet here she is, waking up each morning, ready to do battle on behalf of yet another captive.To all my counselling colleagues may I say “Let The Force Be With You”. We will continue to do battle, we will try even harder to find a way out, one person at a time, one day at a time.

Source, The Mail online