Shelley Perry

Shelley is an experienced Mental Health Nurse many years experience in the field. She holds a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders & provides a challenging but positive journey experience towards emotional and physical well-being in a safe, therapeutic environment. She specialises in eating disorders and psychotherapy/therapeutic interventions & manages a specialist eating disorder service providing individualised & person-centered programmes for all types of eating distress. One-to-one sessions are available together with B-eat affiliated self-help support groups, carer advice & information clinics.

Christine El-Fourti

Christine has worked for 30 years in the care profession. Her background includes experience of working in varied areas of mental health, physical disability & bereavement. She is a qualified counsellor with a Master Practiitoner qualification in Eating Disorders & Obesity. She uses a cognitive behavioural approach to eating distress which involves educational & nutritional advice as well as psychological work. Please note when booking a telephone assessment with Christine she likes to see clients face-to-face for that initial appointment.