Catherine Duggan

I am a counsellor/psychotherapist with an MA in Clinical Supervision, a qualified psychiatric nurse &  Master Practitioner of Eating disorders & Obesity. I use an integrative approach to help clients overcome their food problems where psychological or emotional factors are involved. I offer compassionate, professional & practical support for eating & body image issues, including bulimia, binge eating, restrictive eating, chronic dieting, food cravings & emotional eating. I would like to help set you free from problems with food & weight & I am qualified to work with young people

Shauna Gibson

Shauna is a leading Weight Management Coach in Northern Ireland. She believes that effective weight management comes from treating the person as a whole. Her broad range of qualifications ensures her approach is cutting edge, which may include dealing with binge &emotional eating. She is a qualified Practitioner in Eating Disorders & Obesity with  NCFED, an Advanced Life Coach,  NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, time line therapist, Dru yoga teacher, Transform Your Life teacher from The Diana Cooper School & a Silva Life graduate & Mindlinks graduate.  She aims to help you make lasting changes for greater results in their own lives by empowering you with a range of tools & options. One to one sessions & group workshops are available.

Bridin McKenna

Bridin has a special interest in addictive behaviours, obesity & eating disorders, dual diagnosis, trauma, suicide postvention, depression, anxiety & crisis management. Alongside running her busy practice, she volunteers at a substance advice centre in Belfast as Specialist Addiction Therapist.
She runs workshops for emotional management of food addiction & uses CBT, NLP & EFT for stress, anxiety & depression. These popular workshops provide you with powerful tools for change & ways of using these in your daily life.
Bridin holds qualifications in hypno-psychotherapy & Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy, CBT, Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) & is also an advanced practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).She is an energetic understanding person who brings passion & energy to her work, to help you heal.


Mary Synnott

Mary (BSc, PRN, Dip. Adult ED., Dip. Psychotherapy) is a Clinical Nurse Specialist & Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist working with CAMHS, Clinical Supervisor & Family Systems Constellations Therapist; Supervisor in Eating Disorders Education & Training, Scotland. She has trained in CBT-E & Family Behaviour Therapy (with James Lock) for eating disorders. She is a certified Family Behaviour Therapist (family oriented approach to treatment of eating disorders).She has over 30 years’ experience in mental health. Mary works with all ages & provides carer mentoring to help develop the skills to support your loved ones. She can work with schools & other organisations for positive mental health, body image,& personal development. She liaises with medical professionals to provide a holistic & recovery focused treatment.

Collette Mary Bannon

I am a practitioner specialising in food, body & weight issues. My approach is holistic & addresses the need of each individual & embraces the mental, emotional physical & spiritual levels. I focus on solution based therapy, NLP, hypnotherapy & CBT to create empowering alternatives to limiting patterns. I hold the Advanced Diploma in Eating Disorders & Obesity with NCFED together with a Diploma in counselling skills.