Binge eating help

Binge eating help for you

Do you need binge eating help? If so, stop here for a moment.

I know that you feel awful, that your willpower has deserted you; you would be ashamed if people could see what you do, scoffing all that food, eating all those biscuits, drowning in bread and butter, cereal, chocolate. Once you start eating these foods, it is never enough.

Stop here for a moment and be calm. Over 40 percent of all women say that they binge at times. But some people binge more than others and it is affecting their whole life. Please be assured, this can be treated.

Binge eating disorder takes many forms, it could be picking, nibbling, going backwards and forwards to the fridge, it is always done in secret. Maybe you eat normally in front of other people and then go for the binge when you are on your own? Some people with binge eating disorder throw up to avoid gaining weight, but there are many overweight people with bulimia, so please don’t try this, it isn’t a solution.

Binge eating disorder can be treated faster than you think. First we will discover your story, your joys and hurts, If something bad has happened to you – we will not insist on talking about it. We will figure out what kind of help will work best for you. The treatment is always personal for your needs.

We will attack the problem on two sides, the physical side and the emotional side. Here it becomes a little more complicated so I will try to make it easy.

On the physical side, your body will be hounded by the effects of chaotic eating. Sugar highs and lows will affect your metabolism and your hunger levels. So we will do something simple to put that right, and your cravings will subside. You will not be put on a diet.

On the psychological side, we will attack the problem in a number of different ways. If there is a great deal of comfort eating or too much stress, we deal with that with targeted skills. We will do many things that will build your willpower from the inside out.

We will never tell you to eat celery instead of chocolate. We will not pforbid you from binge eating. The binge eating will fade away. There is no need for a last supper before you start treatment. The treatment for binge eating disorder is not another diet programme and you regain control of food from the inside out.

Binge eating disorder treatment is based on CBT, but it is much more than that. The treatment for Binge eating is called ENHANCED CBT; which can only be delivered by a specialist. This treatment takes a few weeks, and even people who have struggled with eating and weight for many years are amazed to discover that they can get back in control of food,

Some people believe that binge eating is an addiction to sugar, or to food in general. It certainly FEELS like an addiction. At NCFED, we are convinced that compulsive eating is more like a needle stuck in a groove. You don’t need years of therapy about your childhood to get through this. If you would like to see how we can help you with binge eating, come and have an assessment. We will hear your story and we will explain exactly how we can help.