The Clean Eating Debate

Last week the media was buzzing about what is clean eating, is it low fat high complex carbs or higher natural fats and lower carbs. The National Obesity Forum RIGHTLY said that the low fat messages just aren’t working for real people and that counting calories hasn’t worked. Then researchers in Israel discovered that we cannot count on the effect of any food in our diet, even sweeteners can make some people fatter due to interactions between our genes, our gut bacteria and the chemicals in food.

Katie Glass then weighed in with a fascinating article on clean eating being the acceptable face of anorexia. in the Sunday Times. I have posted it and had a backlash from someone who has recovered by turning vegan. Horses for courses as they say.

Please look on our Facebook page  to see the full range of the raging debates about what is healthy eating. At the end of the day, eat real food;  its not just the food that matters; it is also mind-set and obsessions about it.