Taming Tiger Parents

Girls at risk of eating disorders? Absolutely. Instagram, social networking, pressure at school non-stop? Sexy selfies?  Oh my god aren’t I glad that this passed me by when I was an adolescent.

But our girls, what defence do they have against this onslaught of pressure which is attacking their peace of mind and their self esteem? What defence does the ordinary child have to keep their body image intact?

I’ve written on my books page about two well-researched books written by Tanith Carey a journalist and friend. The first, Where Has My Little Girl Gone?   The second more recent Taming the Tiger Parents.  In her books Tanith counts the cost of todays pressures and insults on girls and boys which result in unhappiness, eating disorders body hatred and other forms of self harm.

In her book Taming the Tiger Parent, Tanith offers parents practical, realistic solutions that will give parents permission to take their foot off the gas and reclaim a more relaxed family life. Packed with insights, experts’ tips, real experiences and resources, this book is a timely guide to safeguarding a child’s well-being in a competitive world – so they can grow into the happy, emotionally balanced people they really need to be.