Do I Have An Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Quiz

Please answer the questions below truthfully to find out if we would advise you to talk to someone.

Do you have excessive concern and preoccupation about calories or fears of weight gain.
Do you have a lot of foods you strictly avoid to control your weight, and you feel like a terrible person if you eat any of these foods.
Is exercise something you are driven to do; you would feel fat or like a bad person if you missed an exercise routine.
Do you have eating habits that you know in your heart are abnormal.
Do you not think you are too thin but other people are worried about you.
Do you have unmanageable cravings for certain types of food that you think you should not be eating.
Do you pretend that you have eaten to get people off your back.
Do you have a lot of shame and guilt around eating.
Do you think your weight is fluctuating a lot.
Do you vomit to avoid gaining weight or use laxatives.
Are you depressed and irritable.