Obesity Time Bomb Is CBT-E The Solution?

Obesity in women hits the news today. A lot of us girls are overweight or obese, and nothing is said about men although obesity is actually not gender specific. The report mentions CBT-E as a treatment for obesity although there is no evidence that it works for obesity. Sad that so-called experts give out the wrong message.

CBT-E is a packaged therapy which has some good results for eating disorders, it deals with body image problems and unhelpful eating disordered thinking. But not all overweight people have eating disorders. Some just like eating especially when a lot of tasty food is available and we don’t have to go hunting to acquire it. With Christmas looming, even I’m having trouble not buying armfuls of goodies from Hotel Chocolat.

Will a sugar tax help?  Not really, food is still quite cheap. It is the organic meat I buy which is expensive and I have to think twice about buying it. The only thing a sugar tax might do is raise enough money to give some people a gastric band or gastric bypass surgery.  Even these procedures don’t always work. Fat it seems is just one mouthful away.

See The BBC Report here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35061167