Jesy Little Mix Body Image

Watching Jesy do her programme on body trolling, all of us here were nearly in tears. How brave of her to do this and I hope that one day she will look back on this time and feel good about herself.
Poor body image is called Body Dysmorphia and the need for changing your nose, lips or anything else is a symptom. Eating disorders is always about poor body image. It broke my heart to learn that Jesy starved for a week to look thinner on a show. Jesy – this will only make you crave food even more.
Katie Hopkins, I rate some of your ideas – but calling Jesy a chub is a crime, for which I would willingly hang you out to dry or put you in the stocks.
A 9-year-old child I know, who is as thin as a reed, was fat-shamed “for fun” online a month ago.
I have something on this website information section about body image if you would like to read it.

And we can treat poor body image too.
Is your body the real problem or your OPINIONS about your body? Do you need HELP with internet bullying? Don’t suffer in silence. Don’t wage war on your body. Ask for help. Call us 0845 838 2040 This is something we can treat .