Intermittent Fasting Our Version

From our of our counsellors, Harriet Frew

IF you can keep your head when all about you  Are photo-shopping and measuring thigh gaps too

IF you can trust your body when others doubt it, And be understanding of their doubting too If you can be respectful of your body And take care with kindness and appreciation everyday You will achieve more peace and satisfaction. I think it really is the only way.

IF you can feel your feelings and emotions;   IF you can think your thoughts and stay in tune Not blocking them or using dissociation;

But treating them as friends to have at home.

IF you can bear to trust your inner instincts Than twist yourself to be what others want So speaking truth and being your own person

Even when it’s hard to bear the brunt. IF you can love your food and enjoy eating  And turn away from having to have control And listen to your body and it’s needing Ruled no more by weight or size as goals. If you can really listen to your body And wonder what it really does desire So no food ever is forbidden No need to fight or indulge in body war.

IF you can work with change and keep your patience:   It does take time; keep hopeful and go on.

Hope, desire and willingness for action. Little steps and victories one by one.

IF you understand that life’s a journey With ups and downs and blips along the way

Perfection keeps you locked within a prison: Get up, fall down, embrace the shades of grey.