Eating Disorder Clinic

Do you need an eating disorder clinic or, some other help with your eating disorder?

Does eating rule your life? Does your eating disorder make you or your loved ones deeply worried?

If your eating disorder is severe, and making you ill, you may need inpatient treatment or day-care. You can look on our website for a list of the treatment services that we think are good. Please CLICK HERE to view our preferred list of eating disorder clinics in the UK.

If your eating disorder is not life-threatening, it is better to work on your eating disorder at home, where you can continue to work, complete your education and get on with your normal life.

Then you do not need an eating disorder clinic. An eating disorder clinic is costly and at some point, you will need the skills and support to help you to thrive in the real world.

Consider having a one- off assessment with someone who will tell you what you need right now. We have people all over the UK to advise you on the next step. If you want to see our counsellor list please CLICK HERE.