Dying From Laxative Abuse

Georgia Willson Pemberton aged 26 dies as a result of taking Dulcolax laxatives
to help achieve her anorexic longings to be thin and empty.

So many people think that laxatives make them thin. They dont.  Laxatives are dangerous substances which change metabolism and make people gain weight easily, adding to their problems.  It’s only the starving which goes alongside laxative abuse which keeps weight down.

Here is a girl whose parents can afford the best treatment from treatment services with all kinds of new theories and lots of on the spot therapists and private rooms with TVs and private bathrooms. But you cant buy off the the demon anorexia

The sad thing is that we could pour millions of pounds and dollars down into the black hole that is anorexia.  Even the best is not good enough to dent this serious mental illness.

But sometimes people do get well with the right help. You can’t always find that help with money. You need someone who really understands what this laxative abuse mental illness is about. We think we do.