Bulimia Nervosa Treatment

So many people contact us and say that they are interested in bulimia nervosa treatment. First let’s be clear about what bulimia is. Bulimia Nervosa exists in people who are very concerned about what they weigh. They usually feel out of control with food at least some of the time. They binge eat, usually foods that they think will make them fat.

Then they throw up and / or take laxatives to try and avoid weight gain.  We call this “purging” and there are many other ways to purge, all of which can cause great harm.

Even over-exercising to prevent weight gain after overeating, or using diuretics, are ways of purging to avoid the effects of eating. It doesn’t really matter how much food you eat, nor does it matter how often you purge. If you do any of this at all and if this is happening in secret, you are suffering from Bulimia Nervosa

Some very thin people purge, even though the amounts of food they eat are small. They might be suffering from Anorexia rather than Bulimia Nervosa. Bulimia nervosa is an illness which can be treated with the right kind of help.

Some people have very mixed feelings about accepting treatment for their bulimia. They worry that treatment will make them fat. No, it will not.

Or they feel that their bulimia is a kind of friend, it helps them get through the day, it helps them to feel calm because nothing else does. Bingeing gives them a kind of comfort and purging gives them emotional relief. We understand all this too.

Bulimia treatment is a two-sided process. On one side, we will stabilise you physically, because as someone with bulimia,  you gain weight easily and you have cravings for food that are hard to manage.  You are unhappy in part because purging leaches away the neuro-chemicals which make you peaceful. We can teach you many new skills that will make it much easier to live in a world full of food and we will not judge you if you have to purge.

The other side of therapy is called enhanced cognitive-emotional therapy. This allows you to experience a deep, compassionate healing process which is hard to explain in just a few words so I will try to make it brief.

You will learn how to manage dangerous feelings that are being controlled by your illness. We may need to deal quickly with adverse events that have happened to you, so that you will feel more at peace with yourself. You will learn to be emotionally stronger than you have ever been before.

This therapy also attends to your mindset and to your self-worth which has been damaged by the shame and secrecy of the bulimia,. We attend to your thoughts about your appearance which are at the heart of your struggles with food.

Bulimia nervosa treatment is not just removing symptoms. People who complete this treatment feel happier, their life is transformed and they look forward to the future and to all that has opened up for them. One word of advice however. Bulimia treatment can only be done properly by someone who has been trained in eating disorder psychotherapy.

Many counsellors will tell you that healing is achieved through an accepting relationship. They may be wrong. The therapy relationship is important, and you need to work with someone you trust and you know that he or she understands eating disorders properly.  But the relationship is not enough. An eating disorder specialist has learned a lot of additional skills and tools to set you free from your struggles with food.

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