Alcohol And Diets

Alcohol Ruins Dieting Efforts for 1 in 4 persons according to research into the dieting efforts of 1000 people by Forza Supplements in 2013 .

We already knew this, but the research makes worrying reading. Alcohol shows effects on willpower, wishes to indulge and impulsivity. It’s calorific too, and very few calorie conscious people calculate how much energy is in a tipple. A moderate drinker can ingest up to nearly 1000 calories in a gentle night out.

Alcohol is known to increase appetite due to its effects on leptin (which is suppressed) leaving the brain ignorant of whether a person has eaten enough or not. As few as two standard drinks can slow down the ability to burn fatty acids by up to 73%.

Alcohol compromises the liver which recognises alcohol as a toxin. As the liver works to get rid of the toxins in alcohol,  it favours the burning of empty calories in the sugar. When those calories are used up, more may not be needed; leaving the calories from more nutritious food to be laid down as fat.
A drink, anyone?