Mother Weighs 6 Year Old Every Day

Deanne with Nadia on ITV2

I found myself unexpectedly on the ITV This Morning show alongside a woman who weighs her 6 year old daughter every day. And she weighs herself every day. I was first horrified; my reaction was “This is Child Abuse!” and I had to speak to myself to make sure that I stayed professional and called upon evidence to show this very misguided lady – Nadia – that she might be doing her daughter harm. When I read up on this story beforehand, I discovered that no matter what people say to her, she is not going to change her mind. People do all sorts of things to try and care for their children. When she was asked to explain herself, she told the nation in a rush of words of a babble that she is a good mother and her children think that her behaviour is a bit of a joke. She thinks that she is trying to save her child from being bullied and she confessed that she needs to do this so that she will know if “I am going wrong”.  She said that her own mother weighed herself every day and I realised then that this is a person who is battling her own weight and self worth and she has no idea that this kind of behaviour is obsessive, and possibly harmful and tells us a little about the chaos in her own internal world. Poor little girl! Poor misguided Nadia!  Obesity and teasing can lead to eating disorders and low self worth it is true.. Weighing a child obsessively sets her up for future serious problems with body image problems when she is a teenager. Her worth is tied up to numbers. There are solutions for weight problems in children. This is not the solution. I desperately hope that Nadia gets some help for the problems with control of which she speaks. Source ITV Good Morning

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