Recovery Workshops

Do You Want Results In A Short Space Of Time?National Centre For Eating Disorders Recovery Workshops

NCFED offers recovery workshops for  people who might want something different to traditional counselling.

Our workshops offer an opportunity for intensive personal growth and change with like minded people who are on the same recovery journey. Our workshop leaders use state of the art techniques to facilitate deep and lasting change.

is this you?

  • Weekly counselling is not convenient for me
  • I want to work with someone really experienced who
    understands eating disorders and what lies beneath as well
  • I think that a group would be very supportive
  • I don’t just want to get better I want to be happy and at peace with myself as well

Our Current Workshops Are: (KEEP LOOKING FOR UPDATES)

Beat Bulimia Workshop;

A one day workshop held from time to time in the London area, providing pathways to recovery for people who want to be free of their worries about food. Each workshop will be limited in numbers so that each person can get the attention they need.

Residential Healing Programme in Bali Indonesia

Whether you are struggling from an eating disorder, anxiety disorder, mood disorder or other, there is always a solution. even though it might not seem that way at first. Our colleague and eating disorder expert Jeremy Alford is offering one week healing retreats in a beautiful setting in Bali.  For full details see his website above, and you may book a place by calling us on 0845 838 2040 or to Jeremy directly