Bulimia Treatment

Bulimia nervosa is getting rid of food by purging, taking laxatives and even excessive exercise. Help and treatment for bulimia starts here.

Bulimia Nervosa: Is this you?

emotions & behaviour

  • You feel out of control of food; you are desperate to control your weight but eat compulsively at times.
  • Bulimia feels like an addiction. Eating rules your life.bulimia-counselling for treatment page image
  • You are fearful of weight gain and feel very bad about your body and shape. You act as if you were confident but your self esteem is low.
  • You may promise to stop your bulimia, but it somehow doesn’t happen and you are ashamed in case people discover what is going on.
  • Food feels like a friend and a foe, wish you could just take it or leave it.
  • You have mood swings, often for no reason; you feel depressed, alone and low.
  • You have started purging as a desperate way to control your weight, but it isn’t working well and your weight may start increasing.

physical outcomes

The right help for bulimia will help to heal the side effects, which can include surface problems, with teeth and salivation glands; deeper problems affecting fertility and the digestive system; cardiac and brain effects.

getting help

Bulimia treatment and help begins here. It is better to get help sooner rather than later, Even after many years, recovery is possible with the right support from us.

recovery aims

Bulimia treatment means a new relationship with food and self-control with food and weight. Help for bulimia also means emotional strengthening, raising self worth and finding better ways of feeling in control without needing to purge. We start with a full assessment, to help build a personalised treatment plan that is right for you.

bulimia treatment takes time & will focus on

  • Gaining insight about bulimia and discovering what led to you developing it in the first place.
  • Managing the mixed feelings about letting it go and building motivation to change.
  • Nutritional guidance, to end compulsive eating and manage overeating without the need to purge. You will not gain weight.
  • Emotional strengthening, to manage feelings like stress and unhappiness without turning to food or purging.
  • Managing bulimic thoughts and obsessions with food.
  • Self worth and body image healing.

the next step

NCFED counsellors are certified eating disorder experts; you can trust them to support you with compassion and wisdom in the journey of change.

We understand bulimia, why it is so hard to change, and how it affects your life.

Would you like to know HOW you developed your eating problem and WHAT can be done? The first step is to have a no obligation assessment (only £55) in person, by phone or by Skype with someone who cares. The first step starts here.

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