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Eating disorders are chronic, harmful problems which are about deeper issues with control and feelings.


National Centre For Eating Disorders GrowthEffective eating disorder treatment is psychological, nutritional, holistic and personalised. It must improve satisfaction with life, not just get rid of symptoms. Our therapists have understanding and knowledge of new and established therapies to help you recover.

We can help you and your loved ones wherever you live, with eating disorder counselling in person, by telephone or by Skype.

If you want change in a short space of time, consider a Breakthrough Consultation with the Founder, Deanne Jade, or one of our Recovery Workshops. You will find a counselling solution that is right for you.

Recovery Outcomes

  • Counselling will help you to eat only when hungry & stop when you are full
  • Freedom from obsessions with food
  • Feeling relaxed about food & eating with others
  • Sleeping well & feeling energized
  • Being happy; looking forward to tomorrow
  • Coping with relationships without turning to food
  • Mastering cravings
  • Managing your feelings
  • Feeling better about your body
  • Being able to care for yourself… because you’re worth it

The First Step – Have a Personal Confidential Assessment.

Help for eating disorders begins with a 1 hour no-obligation assessment with an expert who cares and understands. You will gain a new understanding of your situation; learn why you have the problem and what can be done about it. The first step to your new life starts here.

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