Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

NCFED takes individual privacy seriously and aims to ensure that our website and business meet all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including the Data Protection Act.


NCFED collects information from personal and online communications which is stored on our local electronic database on a secure local network. Financial information such as credit card numbers given to purchase counselling or training are shredded after payment is made and receipts are kept in locked storage. NCFED is the sole owner of any information we collect via the website or other contact and any personal information you provide will be stored and processed exclusively for the purposes of NCFED and not be passed on to any third party outside our business. We do not sell data to third parties. If you join an email list, you may also leave it at any time you wish.

If you provide your email address by communicating with us, we may use the email address to send you further information in the future. You may at any point unsubscribe from messages in which case your personal data will be permanently deleted. If you provide your address or phone number, we may write to you or call you. You may at any point request not to receive such contacts any more.

If you provide your mobile phone number, we may call you. You may at any point request not to receive calls or other messages. Counsellors are bound to confidentiality via the professional code of ethics of their professional organisations.

Personal information which is given to provide material for counselling is kept in locked storage and will be shredded after a period of 7 years has elapsed.

website statistics

We use traffic analysis tools to analyse website traffic in order to help us continually improve the design, content and layout of pages.


We may place a cookie on your machine to help with the gathering of the above website data. If you choose not to receive cookies, your experience of the website will not be damaged in any way. We do not access any information stored in cookies placed on your machine by other websites. We currently do not use cookies on this website.

accuracy & counsellor directory

NCFED has tried to ensure that the contents and information it provides in its website is accurate at the time of posting and any person using information contained in them does so entirely at their own risk.

The NCFED counsellor network is a directory of practitioners offering treatment for eating disorders and obesity. At the time of registration with NCFED they advise us of the professional organisation by which each is  regulated and each agrees with NCFED to maintain professional liability insurance, proper supervision and be bound by their professional code of ethics. NCFED neither endorses nor accredits all the qualifications and/or skills of the practitioners listed within the directory.

The entries on the website are prepared by those offering their services and are published by NCFED in good faith. Your relationship is directly with your chosen practitioner and it is advised that prior to conducting a professional relationship with him or her you verify their memberships, qualifications and insurance cover. Any member of the public under 18 years of age should not be treated by a practitioner listed on the directory without being accompanied by a responsible and accountable adult.

NCFED is not an agent for any business of individual within the list of therapists in the counsellor network and nothing in this list should be read as a trade description within the means of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968. In no circumstances can the NCFED or its officers accept liability for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever or which may arise or result from any error or omission in any entry or from any treatment by, or other contact with, any business or individual in the list howsoever resulting.

NCFED welcomes feedback on the experiences received from practitioners listed in the directory. In the unlikely event of a complaint against a practitioner you would firstly make a representation to that practitioner or contact their regulatory authority directly. NCFED reserves the right to remove any practitioner listed and cancel their membership at any time.


The Recognition status of trainings provided by the British Psychological Society, the BACP and Royal College of Psychiatrists does not give carte blanche to all persons completing these trainings to offer eating disorder and obesity services to the public. All individuals completing NCFED trainings and /or gaining NCFED awards must practise only within the limits of their professional expertise /competence and be fully aware of the level of this expertise via external supervision and guidance from a statutory regulatory authority..


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us